Golf Swing Tips-Improve Golf Posture And Stance

Cut 7-12 strokes off the handicap-this will change your golf game plan. Correcting your strokes will help to minimize losing strokes because of slicing, hooking or topping the golf ball. We all strive towards developing a perfect golf swing.

Distance and consistency in hitting the ball are very important. As you well know this improvement will take you beyond being an average golfer and put a confident smile on your face and carry yourself with pride in a game well done.

Improve your full golf swing by improving posture and stance. Here is a personal checklist to help you review your body positioning and correct your weaknesses. I am sure that you have discovered that for every weak spot that can be corrected you will have an added strength.

It cannot be stressed how important your golf game will improve as each weakness is corrected and strengthened. Here is a checklist:

•Head position
•Shoulder turn
•Hip movement
•Hand, wrist and forearm strength
•Body strength
•Body flexibility
•Rhythm and tension in the follow through; this helps to control the golf swing.
•Mental attitude equals an effective positive attitude towards power strokes.
•Correct spinal, alignment
•Flex your knees; bend from hips with a straight back.
•Waddle into comfort stance to produce accurate hitting of the golf ball.

By correcting your shortcomings the golf swing will improve which in turn will send the golf ball longer and straighter than you thought possible. Often times we shortchange ourselves by thinking that we are dong our best; however, one tiny little change can make a big difference. And that big difference can boost our golf score.

As you know, when you manage a better swing that produces the results you want, practice it in order to continue duplicating the excellent outcome.

It is also wise that if the golf course offers a professional golf instructor to assist with improving your golf swing. Get a hold of that instructor to watch your stroke and take his teaching advice. Gain positive analysis from your professional golf instructor to better your game.

Professional golfers have coaches and continue to take golf lessons. Professional golfers maintain their practice drill sessions faithfully.

Do not look at your golf drills as drudgery. These are the stepping stones to be able to have fun and truly enjoy the game of golf. True, at times you will be frustrated, but when you master your golf swing, it is great!
by ralphseo | 2013-10-14 11:23