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A July 6-as dispatches from overseas information firms report, a ferry local community time Monday evening, 4 inside the us virgin islands waters stranded. america coast shield prosperous spend less 98 guests and 4 team members.

The United States coast shield spokesman card, mentioned it absolutely was up in the direction of "real expenses lose markov amount 4, inside the holy evening ferry Thomas strike in to a reef island, killing 5 people these times have been injured.

Card for the 5 th stowe's statement, america coast shield is assisting to questionnaire the induce for the accident, and will help to eradicate the ferry. The ferry is nonetheless floating inside the water.
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This newspaper reported on may nicely 31, the husband from the unusual missing the considerably more of one thing to uncover are recently is steering on, in HuangBei WuHu Yangtze river shipyard spotting wuhan individuals LiZhiBin remains to be in anhui province, near to the anqing was found. neighborhood community safety departments are stepping up their investigation.

According to introducing, July 1, 9:00 am xu, somebody in anhui anqing east toward the river county found out a person whose with unknown. excellent after the alarm, neighborhood Yangtze river transporting anqing neighborhood safety bureau east to law enforcement the law enforcement station to survey. law enforcement found out the method within a cellular phone, will alter in to a cellular cellphone out one more cellular phone, v within your tackle e book of relatives and pals call. The confirmation, this person is missing get in touch with a 30 days of wuhan individuals LiZhiBin.

According to information, the lifeless LiLeWen, common name, 42, LiZhiBin this yr in HuangBei WuHu farm available a shop. In may nicely this year, WuHu shipyard near to some dispatch cost millions of bucks in constructing the brand new dispatch "JiangShunDa 7" WangMingJian store proprietors to photograph. Photography studio 7 or 8 mins only away from your Yangtze river, may nicely 21, LiZhiBin 13 when made using the proprietor WangMingJian a stack of pictures go toward the dispatch to mail photos, and missing. Lee excellent after missing, law enforcement investigation, somebody after stated LiZhiBin saw dispatch to mail photos, but by no signifies down. The 2nd night, "JiangShunDa 7" from WuHu quietly.

2, to acquire to AnQingDong lee partner lady to county excellent after that is largely a suspicion. She said, wuhan and east to waters are apart from considerably over 400 kilometers, the method boondoggle for just about any month, on cellular cellular phones and two shoes are not rinse, neighborhood individuals say this phenomenon was rare.

3,, east toward the neighborhood law enforcement station controller tells a reporter, is now waiting for DNA information and autopsy results, Mr. Li the carry out guide to of passing away is nonetheless below investigation.
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